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We Are Taking a Break

 As many of you know, Try Vegan is a food truck as well as a meal delivery service. Our meal delivery service has been running every week for the past several years. Our food truck has been in high demand in more places than ever across the Northeast over the past few months. Preparing for and attending large scale 4 day festivals 300 miles away and driving back Sunday night at 2am to begin work for the meal delivery service is a tall order.
If I am going to level with you, I am burned out.

I also feel I have not been able to give either aspect my full attention - as the old adage goes
"If you chase two rabbits, you catch neither"

 I am going to take this time to focus on the food truck and next steps for Try Vegan. The meal delivery service is a big piece of the business and I plan on a major refresh once we return. All current subscriptions will be paused and you will receive a notification once we return.
Thank you for your business and support as well as your understanding of this situation. 

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This Week Features

Sweet Potatoes

- Vitamin A - 769% RDA
- Vitamin C - 65% RDA
- Vitamin B6 - 29%RDA
- Rich in Antioxidants

Black Beans

- Potassium - 305 mg
- Phosphorus - 120 mg
- Magnesium - 60mg
- Rich in phytonutrients

Brown Rice

- Manganese - 58% RDA
- Magnesium - 31% RDA
- Vitamin B6 - 8g
- 8g Protein


- Manganese - 58% RDA
- Magnesium - 31% RDA
- Vitamin B6 - 8g
- 8g Protein 

Delivery Range

Our meals are prepared in a mixed use commercial kitchen and shipped using insulated boxes via

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