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At Try Vegan, we love to give back to those who help us and now we built a way to do just that!

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Since 2015

Try Vegan has been fulfilling its mission of bringing vegan food to the people.
Our founder, Vince,  built a food truck in his parents driveway with the dream of attending festivals and spreading veganism as much as he could. Within the first year, he accomplished more than he could have imagined when he began. Within a few months of getting the truck on the road, he was invited to Governor's Ball Music festival which was a dream come true. Before the end of the year, the team attended many other small and large events including Made in America, Afropunk, and Moonrise. The next year they attended music festivals up and down the east coast all the way to Atlanta, GA for Imagine Festival and Orlando, FL for Electric Daisy Carnival and have been serving vegan food at your favorite events ever since.

Now is your chance to be a part of the journey

In 2017

We began making meals for our friends out of the kitchen of a local bistro in Trenton called Studio B. Our meals were available and delivered locally in my 2004 Honda Pilot with 240k miles to the surrounding 4 counties. 

In 2019 we began shipping though UPS which expanded our meals availability to 9 states and 36 million people virtually overnight. Now that we have everything worked out on the back end, we are looking for help getting our meals to as many people as possible with help from people like you! 

Enough Fluff.
How Does This Work? 

Put your influence to work

  • Sign up with our link below
  • Get a link to share on your posts
  • Earn credit on anyone who clicked on your link for up to 3 Months!
  • Earn 10% on every sale you bring in 
  • Access your own tracking and conversion software 
  • Get clothing and swag to help promote the brand
  • Payments made directly to you on regular basis
  • Zoom meetings with others to share best practices
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-Earn 10% of from every dollar spent from your customers

-Earn a free meal package after signing up 5 customers 

-Receive free clothing and swag as an active member of our program

-Bonuses, Incentives, Rewards, and Opportunities for top earners

 Potential Earnings 

4 Weekly Customers 
$125 Average Purchase

$200 Per Month 
$2,400 Per Year

Active Member
10 Weekly Customers
$125 Average Purchase

$500 Per Month 
$6,000 Per Year

Business Partners and 
High Production Influencers

50 Weekly Customers 
$125 Average Purchase

$2,500 Per Month 
$30,000 Per Year

We Help You Grow

Zoom Meetings

We host bi-montly affiliate calls to discuss best practices, share new information, and keep everyone excited

Free Swag

What better way to represent our brand than with free SWAG? Each month when you place your order we will give free active participants free clothing to help spread the message

Shareable Content

Aside from your own pictures of meals, we will also have a dedicated folder for you to share and such to build your engagment and following!


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