You Don't Have to be Vegan
to Try Vegan®

We all know to incorporate more plant based meals in our diets.
The problem is some of us don't know where to begin.

Let us do the cooking for you!

Redefining Clean Eating

We have been making Whole Food Plant Based meals for years!

We have served tens of thousands of Whole Food Plant Based Meals for our clients. 

 We never use ingredients that will slow your body down like oil, wheat, soy, or anything that comes from animals. Our meals contain everything your body needs and nothing else.

Our meals help your body feel refreshed, nourished, and ready to go!

Not to mention, keeping up with a WFPB diet will help you easily shed those unwanted pounds. 

Whether you are vegan or not, our meals provide essential minerals, nutrients, and vitamins to optimize your body and mind!

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About us

We Began as a Food Truck

Our First Event
September 19th 2015 - Trenton Food Truck Festival

In March of 2015, I quit my job and built a food truck out of an old shuttle bus in my parent's driveway. At that time, everyone thought I was crazy. Especially since veganism hadn't caught on and most people didn't even know what the word meant. Being one of the first vegan food trucks in the region, Try Vegan has been fortunate enough to vend at the largest music festivals such as Governor's Ball and Made in America along with graduation festivals at Princeton, Rutgers, and Rowan Universities as well as many others.  
. A few years and thousands of happy customers later, Try Vegan has grown into two trucks, a meal delivery service, a YouTube channel and much more!

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