Ingredients And Nutritional Information

August 8th

Chickpea Tuna Salad
with Kale Slaw
 and Celery Sticks

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275 Calories

7g Fat 14g Protein 39g Carbs 12g Fiber

Ingredients: Chickpeas, Cashews, White Beans, Celery, Onion, Carrots, Parsley, Dill, Rice Vinegar, Apple Cider Vinegar, Kale, Cabbage, Lemon Juice, Spices, Salt

Baby Green Salad
with Carrot
Ginger Dressing

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301 Calories

9g Protein 12g Fat 40g Carbs 19g Fiber

Ingredients: Baby Greens, Dates, Radicchio, Carrot, Radish, Orange, Peanuts, Ginger, Red Wine Vinegar, Maple, Dijon, Spices, Salt

Fettuccine Alfredo
with Zucchini

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294 Calories

13g Fat 12g Protein 28g Carbs 6g Fiber 

Ingredients: Zucchini, Nutritional Yeast, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Cashews, White Beans, Lemons, Salt, Spices 

Cheesy Rice

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355 Calories

2g Fat 15g Protein 65g Carbs 10g Fiber

Ingredients: Rice, Broccoli, Carrots, Potatoes, Nutritional Yeast, Spices, Salt


Cucumber Tomato
Side Salad

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92 Calories

1g Fat 4g Protein 18g Carbs 5g Fiber  

Ingredients: Cucumber, Tomato, Onion, Parsley, Lemon Juice, Salt, Spices


Cinnamon Roll
Overnight Oats

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313 Calories

5g Fat 11g Protein 55g Carbs 9g Fiber

Ingredients: Oats, Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Raisins, Dates, Maple